The Fine Art of Pruning

There’s much more to quality tree care services than simply cutting off branches. Tree trimming and pruning of fruit bearing trees and hardwoods is an absolutely essential aspect of tree maintenance. Much more than a tree trimming and removal company, Ofilio Tree & Lawn Service is a full-service, professionally certified tree service company. We possess the training, experience and expertise to ensure proper maintenance and avoid costly problems resulting from improper pruning.

Healthier Trees & Shrubs

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy year round requires careful planning. Proper technique is a critical aspect of tree maintenance, crucial for maximizing the health of your trees and shrubs. Our certified, professional arborists have the knowledge and expertise to correctly determine whether crown reduction pruning, crown raising or crown thinning techniques should be applied. We’ll perform developmental pruning on new plantings to promote symmetry, structural integrity and visual appeal.

Improperly applied tree trimming and pruning methods can cause serious damage while proper removal of deadwood can restore growth to damaged and broken branches. Trust our team of tree care service professionals to guarantee proper maintenance of your trees and shrubs.

Protect Your Family and Your Investment 

Falling limbs are a serious safety concern for any property owner. Thousands every year are injured, many fatally, by falling limbs or ill-tended trees and shrubs. Careful removal of low-hanging branches over walkways, driveways and sidewalks can greatly reduce the risk of injury to your friends, family and neighbors.

When it comes to protecting your family and your investment, not just any-old tree trimming company will do. Trust the experts at Ofilio Tree & Lawn to help you ensure the safety of your family, enhance the beauty of your landscape and protect the value of your property.


Restore and Enhance

Carefully directed pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your property. Live branches can be removed to enhance the circulation of air and allow more light to penetrate the tree canopy. Vista pruning can help you open up visual access to scenic views now hidden without sacrificing privacy.

Tree, Brush & Stump Removal

Do you have a dead tree or an old stump that needs to go? Been putting off a major clean-up project?

Tree removal, especially for large trees, requires careful dismantling by highly trained personnel. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and property.

We will determine the correct equipment needed to remove your tree based on the conditions, along with the soundness and branch architecture of your tree. A standard tree removal includes taking down the tree, chipping all brush, cutting all wood and cutting the stumps as flush as possible to the ground.

Removing that old stump can open up a virtually endless variety of new possibilities. Our stump grinding services can help you make room for a new tree, clear the way for a new driveway, install decorative paving stones, or almost anything else you can imagine. In most cases the process is the same, though we often need to go deeper when planting a new tree. Stumps are ground to 8-9″ below grade and all visible surface roots are ground to the same depth as the stump.

A cut above your everyday tree trimming, maintenance and service company, we have the state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make your property beautiful again. Ofilio Tree & Lawn Service will remove all tree, brush and shrub debris quickly and efficiently.

Golf Course Tree Care and Maintenance

Ofilio Tree & Lawn Service also provides top-quality, professional golf course tree care and maintenance services. We know how important it is to maintain the beauty of your course and insure the overall safety of the grounds. Our technicians have the proper training and tools to maintain your course to the most precise specifications.